Ademi Adeniji

Email: ademi_adeniji [at] berkeley [dot] edu

I am a Computer Science PhD student at UC Berkeley advised by Pieter Abbeel. I'm interested in developing generalist agents capable of intelligent decision making in complex environments. I focus on leveraging reinforcement learning algorithms for enabling agents to autonomously collect diverse data and learn general-purpose behaviors with limited human supervision. I am supported by the Berkeley Chancellors Fellowship.

I previously interned at NVIDIA where I worked on reinforcement learning and robotics research as well as at Google where I worked on the SmartHome Automation team. I completed my BS and MS at Stanford University conducting research in the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab advised by Fei-Fei Li.

Language Reward Modulation for Pretraining Reinforcement Learning
Ademi Adeniji, Amber Xie, Carmelo Sferrazza, Younggyo Seo, Stephen James, Pieter Abbeel
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Video Prediction Models as Rewards for Reinforcement Learning
Alejandro Escontrela*, Ademi Adeniji*, Wilson Yan*, Ajay Jain, Xue Bin Peng, Ken Goldberg, Youngwoon Lee, Danijar Hafner, Pieter Abbeel
NeurIPS 2023
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Skill-Based Reinforcement Learning with Intrinsic Reward Matching
Ademi Adeniji*, Amber Xie*, Pieter Abbeel
NeurIPS Intrinsically Motivated Open-ended Learning Workshop 2023
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Learning Representations for Unsupervised Skill Discovery
Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Ademi Adeniji Advisors: L Fei-Fei, Kuan Fang, Animesh Garg, Yuke Zhu

Recurrent Control Nets as Central Pattern Generators for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Vincent Liu, Ademi Adeniji, Nathaniel Lee, Jason Zhao
SURJ 2019
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Latent Actor-Critic with Intrisnic Motivation and Skill Hierarchy
Ademi Adeniji, Eva Zhang

Latent Skill Transfer for Simulated Agents
Ademi Adeniji

Volumetric Semantic Segmentation of Glioblastoma Tumors from MRI Studies
Ademi Adeniji, Vincent Liu
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Sequence-to-Sequence Generative Argumentative Dialogue Systems with Self-Attention
Ademi Adeniji, Nate Lee, Vincent Liu
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